Message from our presidents

Diana Moll and I are delighted to serve as Co-Presidents for Beaux Arts this year.

Beaux Arts was started in 1953 by fifty founding members. The purpose of our group is to promote and create an interest in art in the community, and to support the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. Our organization hosts several events that raises significant capital for the Lowe Art Museum. We are the longest auxiliary fundraising relationship with the Lowe, donating over 6.5 million dollars and contributing countless important artwork over the years.

One of Beaux Arts commitments to art is through the youth of our community. Beaux Arts Children’s Pavilion Art Camp is one of the most treasured and highly sought after holiday and summer camps in South Florida. Hundreds of children, over the course of a year participate in art projects under the instruction of local art teachers and volunteers.

In 1987 we developed an outreach program called Hands On! It was created to introduce over 700 underserved children of Miami Dade County annually to the Lowe Art Museum. Hands On! is phenomenally successful and research shows this opportunity is possibly the only impression these children will have of a museum environment. This year, we underwrote the complete refurbishing of the Beaux Arts Children’s Pavilion where we host Hands On! We are looking forward to the “ribbon cutting ceremony” this spring for the newly updated facility.

All of this is possible because of the volunteer work of Beaux Arts almost 100 active members and 300 associate members. Our membership consists of a selection of extremely dedicated women who have a diversity of backgrounds and who bring enormous talent to the organization. Our members volunteer under the common goal of enhancing our projects and raising funds for the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami.

Continuing in tradition, our goal going forward is to keep building our endowment and to position Beaux Arts to make additional significant impact gifts to The Lowe Art Museum.

We feel incredibly fortunate to work with all of you and are inspired by your dedication to this organization. We look forward to continued growth, friendships, memories and a great rest-of- year ahead!


Warmest Regards,


Diana Moll and Kim Wood

Presidents 2016-2017