Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum?
Students explore various art techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, paper mache, and much more.

Can I walk in to register day of class?
All registrations are taken via our website. If a session is full you may add yourself to the waitlist and we will e-mail you if a spot becomes available.

What are my payment options and where can I register?
You may register online with a credit card at under art camp and classes.  You click on the green registration button and will register via

Are there any discounts?
There is a 10% discount for Museum Members or for the second sibling attending the same session.  Please e-mail us at for the coupon code to use at registration.

When do I get my confirmation for class?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation as soon as you complete the online registration form and process full payment.  Please read the email as there is a letter to parents attached to it.

There will be a $25 cancellation fee 7 days prior to the first class and no refunds after such date.We do not give a refund for no-shows or children who miss class for any reason.

Are there make-up classes?
We do not have make-up classes or partial enrollment discounts.

Will my child be repeating projects if he/she is registered for more than one session?
We have children that attend several classes.  The curriculum for each session is different and we try not to repeat the same projects.

Where is class and what does my child do in class?
The Children’s Pavilion is located in the back of the Lowe Art Museum and is accessible via the sidewalk on the west side of the building.  The staff in the lobby of the Lowe will direct you if you are not certain where to go. For all classes, parents must park and walk their child to the door.  If you arrive early you must wait for your teacher’s arrival, early drop off is not possible. There are no snacks provided in classes but your child may certainly bring one.  Due to allergies it is essential that peanut or tree nut snacks are not brought into the room so please leave those at home for another time. There is a water fountain and a private bathroom located inside the pavilion for convenient use. During classes the students start up right away on their projects with the teacher and before they know it, it is time to go home!  Parents must again come in person to the door to pick up their child.  No aftercare is available during class sessions. If you sign your child up for two classes in the same day they, of course, may stay during the break between class.

What is the age breakdown?
Our classes are offered to 5-12 year olds and our art instructors are able to customize the projects in a way that will be both fun and challenging for those different ages.

What do we do if a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching?
For any tropical storm/hurricane that is approaching please be advised that we follow the Miami-Dade School advisory during for the school session. If during the summer a storm is approaching then we will follow the Hurricane Advisory for all Miami-Dade residents. If there are any changes or the classes open for some reason you will receive an email alert from us.