Do I need to provide any type of art supplies?

No. All art supplies will be provided.

What should my child wear to camp? 

Have your children wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.  

Is there after care my child can attend?

No. While we have offered after care in the past, due to the University of Miami COVID protocols, we have been asked to reduce non-essential camp time such as before and after care. 

How are the classes split up?

By age, usually it is 5-8 and 9-12, depending on the ratio of children in the session. Friends can usually stay together as the camp takes place all in one big room.

Do I need to pack a lunch for my child?

Yes!  And we are nut free. 

COVID Protocol: Eating will occur outside, weather permitting.  Individually wrapped snacks will be provided by Beaux Arts. Please send your child to camp with their own water bottle, labeled with their name. Per University of Miami guidelines, water fountains have been turned off, so please ensure you send your child with enough water for the day.  We will have water available for refills.

What is the curriculum?  And do they do different projects in different sessions?

Students ages 5-12, explore various art techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, paper mache, and much more. Many of our campers come for more than one session and the teachers are able to change and adjust the projects to keep the students attention and trying new things.

What are my payment options and where can I register?

You may register online HERE

Are there any discounts?

There is a 10% discount for Beaux Arts Members, Lowe Museum Members and UM staff or more than one sibling attending the same session (discount applies to 2nd sibling).  We will give you a coupon code if you qualify (this applies to Beaux Arts, Lowe Museum Members, and UM staff). The sibling and multiple session discount is automatically given through the registration system. 

When do I get my confirmation for class?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from as soon as you complete the online registration form and process full payment.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

There is $25 cancellation fee 14 or more days prior to the first class and no refunds after such date. We do not give a refund for no-shows or children who miss class for any reason. We do not have make-up classes available. Please note that the registration fee is not refundable and there is a $25 fee to switch sessions. We do not give a refund for no-shows or children who miss class for any reason.

Are there make-up classes?

We do not have make-up classes, partial enrollment discounts or regular scholarships.  

What does my child do all day?

Daily Procedures:

  • Drop Off:  Camp begins at 9:00 a.m.  For the first day of camp (Mondays) check-in will be from 8:30 to 8:55AM outside the front doors of the Lowe Art Museum.  For Tuesday – Friday, drive-thru drop off is from 8:45 to 8:55AM in the circular driveway of the Lowe Art Museum.  
  • Daily Schedule:
    • 8:45 a.m. to 8:55 a.m – Arrival
    • 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 – Lesson 1
    • 10:30 a.m.  – Snack
    • 10:45 to noon – Lesson 2
    • Noon    1:00 p.m.  Lunch Break/Recess   (Note: Our camp is nut free.  Please do not send food items with any type of nuts.)
    • 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Completion of Morning Project or Lesson 3.
    • 2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. – Dismissal   
  • Dismissal:  Campers will be brought to the circular drop off area at front of Lowe and placed in your car.  You will receive a “pick-up” sign that you may put into your car window and speed up the pick up process.  

Is there a waiting list? 

Once a session becomes full you can suggest that your child go on to the wait list. If a space becomes available we will e-mail you. Once we have reached capacity we cannot take any more children. The only way they will get a space is if there is a cancellation. 

What is your EIN number? 


My child is not quite 5 (or is 13) can I still register?

Our projects are designed for ages 5 and up. Sometimes it is harder for the little ones because they do need to use their motor skills and be able keep up with the group as far as skill level and emotional readiness. They should be able to sit with the group, understand instructions, and execute the design.

If you would like to enroll your child a few months before they turn 5, we will accept the registration but if either the teacher or yourself decides that it is too much for him/her then we cannot give a refund. 

You know your child the best and if you think he can keep up with the group then we will try it out.  You will have to change their birthdate at registration as our system only allows for age appropriate registrations.

My child is 13 – Our projects are designed for children ages 5-12 and our programs tend to have more of the younger children than the older ones. If you would like to register your 13 year old, please note that he/she will be the oldest in the group. You know your child the best and if you think he/she will be happy in that environment then we will try it out.  You will have to change their birthdate at registration as our system only allows for age appropriate registrations.

I work for UM, is there a discount for my child?

There is! Please email us at artcampinfo@beauxartsmiami from your UM email address and we will send you a 10% discount code. This code is also available to Lowe Art Museum Members.

What do we do if a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching?

For any tropical storm/hurricane that is approaching please be advised that we follow the Miami-Dade School advisory during for the school session. If during the summer a storm is approaching then we will follow the Hurricane Advisory for all Miami-Dade residents. If there are any changes or the classes open for some reason you will receive an email alert from us.

Additional COVID Protocols:

Beaux Arts Camp will be adhering to the COVID-19 (COVID) policies and procedures established by the University of Miami for summer camps held on campus. The University of Miami continues to monitor COVID and contemplate policies and procedures in place. In the event, updates are made, we will update our protocols and procedures accordingly. The health and safety of our campers, staff and volunteers during camp is our number one priority.  Camper failure to comply with COVID protocols will lead to dismissal from camp and inability to enroll in future summers.

Does my child need to wear a mask? What if my child is 12 and has been vaccinated does my child need to wear a mask?

Per University of Miami COVID protocols, the use of masks in outdoor settings is no longer required on campus, however masks are required indoors at all times for both campers and staff members except while eating or drinking.   Please send your child to camp with one additional mask each day. Note: Back up masks for campers will be available for those who have lost them or damaged theirs during camp day.

Will temperatures be taken each day?

Parents are responsible for completing the University of Miami Camp & Affiliate Symptom Checker for your child before coming to camp each day.  The completion of this Symptom Tracker is required for your child to attend camp each day and must be shown to camp staff at drop off. In addition to completing the daily symptom checker, your child’s temperature may be taken upon arrival, and more often if deemed necessary by the teachers during the time the child is at camp.

How far apart will students be spaced?

We will follow CDC protocols, which allow physical distancing to be at least 3 feet for daycare and elementary school age children in a classroom setting, provided there is universal masking at all times.

How often is the facility cleaned?

Counselors will be trained on COVID protocols and contact tracing procedures and will implement additional sanitation procedures before, during and after camp. Camp facilities will be deep cleaned after the campers leave each day.

Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available throughout the facility and we will promote hygiene/hand washing including signage of importance of washing hands.