Rachael Adamiak jewelry
Rachael Adamiak jewelryBooth 113
Original Sin Jewelry by Margaret Aden
Original Sin Jewelry by Margaret AdenBooth 40
MD Design by Megan Austin
MD Design by Megan AustinBooth 22
Charles P. Bahringer Jewelry
Charles P. Bahringer Jewelry Booth 50
Diane Balit Watches
Diane Balit WatchesBooth 180
Michael Bonardi
Michael BonardiBooth 173
Theresa Carson Jewelry
Theresa Carson JewelryBooth 178
Lisa Davin
Lisa DavinBooth 57
Andrea de Navarrete
Andrea de NavarreteBooth 85
Trendeelove by Veronica Diaz
Trendeelove by Veronica DiazBooth 166
WendyKay Designs by Wendy and Joe Edwards
WendyKay Designs by Wendy and Joe EdwardsBooth 67
Southwest Expressions by Jose Farinango
Southwest Expressions by Jose FarinangoBooth 169
Donna Farkas
Donna FarkasBooth 136
Katrina Fiebig
Katrina FiebigBooth 88
Pam Fox
Pam FoxBooth 21
Fraiche ltd. by Lisa Gitlin
Fraiche ltd. by Lisa GitlinBooth 171
J.M. Havet by Jean Havet
J.M. Havet by Jean HavetBooth 56
Rita Holanda
Rita HolandaBooth 189
Glassdrops by Frederick Imhoff
Glassdrops by Frederick ImhoffBooth 138
Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry Hanan Ingel
Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry Hanan IngelBooth 134
Sharon Johnston
Sharon JohnstonBooth 4
Morning Dew Designs by Lindsay Lehman
Morning Dew Designs by Lindsay LehmanBooth 111
Mindy Lin-Terk
Mindy Lin-TerkBooth 62
Jason McLeod Jewelry
Jason McLeod JewelryBooth 99
Cosmopolitan Jewels by Joyce Nelson
Cosmopolitan Jewels by Joyce NelsonBooth 119
Jeffrey NelsonBooth 69
Dichroic Jewels by Andrea Olson
Dichroic Jewels by Andrea OlsonBooth 27
 Paternoster Designs by Jose Paternoster
Paternoster Designs by Jose PaternosterBooth 155
 Loli Piano
Loli PianoBooth 185
D Rivero Designs by Oscar Rivero
D Rivero Designs by Oscar RiveroBooth 132
Flower Jewelry by Wanpen Ruangnapaporn
Flower Jewelry by Wanpen RuangnapapornBooth 117
Anna Saulino Jewelry
Anna Saulino JewelryBooth 186
Solomon Strands by Renee Solomon
Solomon Strands by Renee SolomonBooth 44
Hester van Diggelen Jewelry
Hester van Diggelen JewelryBooth 175
Vivasmith by Deborah Vivas
Vivasmith by Deborah VivasBooth 31
Jenny Wang
Jenny WangBooth 96
Wewearit by Barbara Weinreb
Wewearit by Barbara WeinrebBooth 161
Wendy Witchner Jewelry
Wendy Witchner JewelryBooth 141
Just Mine by Christine Witt
Just Mine by Christine WittBooth 192
Funky Jewelry by Melissa Woods
Funky Jewelry by Melissa WoodsBooth 196